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  • High Performance Meets Stylish Look
  •  High-End, Stylish and Real All-in-One POS System

     Performance and Energy-Efficient Intel®Processors 

       Intel® Core™ Haswell Processors i3, i5, i7 

       Intel® Celeron™ J1900 Quad-Core Processor
     15" and 17" LED LCD Display, Projective Capacitive Touch

     High-Speed and Jam-Free 3" Thermal Receipt Printer Integrated

     Multiple I/O Ports and Integrated Peripheral Options

     Modular Design for Easy Maintenance


Entirely New POS System


The IMPREX® PRIME is a whole new generation of high-end all-in-one POS system, featuring innovative design, stylish look, robust performance, maximum reliability, superior expandability and advanced manageability to meet today’s challenges in the retail and hospitality environments.







  • Stylish, innovative, real all-in-one design to enhance store image.
  • Robust performance to run latest business applications.
  • Maximum reliability ensuring years of dependable operation.
  • Optional peripherals and multiple I/O ports to meet changing business requirements.
  • Advanced manageability to lower cost and minimize downtime. 



Innovative Stylish All-in-One Design

The layout of a store can be crucial, and the POS system is at the heart of it. How the POS system looks is as important as what it can do for both business owners and customers. With innovative all-in-one system, the IMPREX® PRIME does just that. There is no need to decide what to have around it. And its stylish look can enhance store image and make your business more appealing.

15" LED LCD Touch Display and a Thermal Receipt Printer Integrated

Performance/Energy-Efficient Intel® Processors
  - Intel® Core™ Haswell processor i3, i5, i7
  - Intel® Celeron™ J1900 Quad-Core

Robust Performance

Performance-optimized technology makes the IMPREX® PRIME more valuable to customers. The IMPREX® PRIME, built with high-end computing in mind, provides business owners with the processing power needed to improve business efficiency and speed up customer services.


Maximum Reliability

Reliability is a key factor that determines the life expectancy of a product. With the components optimized for longer product life, the IMPREX® PRIME is the perfect choice even in demanding retail and hospitality segments.


Superior Expandability

With integrated POS peripherals and multiple I/O ports, the IMPREX® PRIME embodies a flexible design that can be customized to fit customer’s business environment.

Multiple I/O Ports

Model: J19

Model: QS

Advanced Manageability

Its innovative tool-less design allows quick access to the components, enabling fast and easy service and upgrades. Built with modular technology, there is no need to send the whole system for maintenance to be serviced if a breakdown occurs.




Integrated Printer 
- 3" Jam-Free Thermal Receipt Printer
- 200mm/s max. Auto Cutter
(Interface : Serial, USB)
  Customer Display 
- 20 Columns × 2 Lines

  2nd LCD Display 
- 9.7", 12.1", 15" LCD
- 1024 × 768 Resolution





- MSR (ISO 7811, Support 1 & 2& 3 Track)
- SCR (EMV Level 1,2)

- 2.5 inch SSD 128GB, HDD 500GB, HDD 1TB
- 2nd 2.5 inch SSD 128GB, HDD 500GB, HDD 1TB

  Smart Battery 
- 3S1P 2050mAh
- 4S1P 2050mAh